“Look out where you’re goin’, and don’t forget where you came from”

Today was about community spirit. I live in a very (I mean to tell you, very, very) small town. Yet today I was able to go to church and worship, spend time with family, go out out to eat and hear some great music without travelling more than a total of probably a mile and a half from home. This town, in it’s heyday (many many years ago) was the place to be. Back when travelling by train was the best option. This place was a stop to shop, find entertainment and visit a doctor. But when I was growing up, we only had a general store, a post office and a church. The church is still here along with the post office (for now) and the store closed. But three years ago this week, the store found new life and a restaurant was opened there inside of the red brick walls. I never dreamed I would travel down my street on the way home, passing car after car  and see a restaurant where people come from miles around to visit. Our little town has found a new livelyhood and I am so proud (and inspired of course) to live here.

  • P.S. Today’s photo comes from the restaurant mentioned above. Check it out at thepalisadesrestuarant.com

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