Today’s title has a double meaning. I have been going through my own personal journey lately. I wont go into too many details, only to say I am dealing with an anxiety disorder. If anyone reading this understands what that is like then, great. Maybe you can sympathize or maybe you can get inspired by the little bit of inspiration I had today. I was sitting here feeling sorry for myself (again) and then I had a thought… “are you seriously gonna let the devil do this to you? He is ruining your life! Get up!” So I grabbed my iPod, turned on JOURNEY (heres where the second meaning comes in) jumped in the shower and put “Dont Stop Believing” on repeat. I dont know how many times I listened to it but it was a step. I am taking baby steps these days but its okay. I have to keep believing I’m gonna be okay. God is with me. I have turned to Him and he never gives us more than we can bear..although sometimes I wish he didnt trust me so much. ; )


One thought on ““Journey”

  1. Great Works, Forge foreward, Lean on God and Family. Read and take in all the meanings of life
    you can. God never leaves us, we are the ones that get busy with life and leave him. But he is one that is always constant, your friend, your supporter in you very time of need. He has walked, and being beside me and my many journeys. We may at times feel alone, but we are never alone. He lets us know he is there by just a breeze of light wind, a beautiful flower, a word of kindness, an act of caring. A hug, a smile and the words I love you now and everymore. God bless you in your contninued
    recovery. Lean on God and your family, friends. Just be still and know that I am God. I love you and pray for you, Take care and believe, have faith and travel each day with strength and courage.

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