The picture I picked for today was taken at the zoo last year. It’s meaning, was that all things in nature are connected. But it could also be read another way. All things are connected…by and through God. Everything we do, everything we know and everything we face in life is all connected by God’s plan for us. My friend who helped me with some things I was going through ( I wrote about her earlier) was put into my life for a reason. Over the weekend, I tried to use what I have learned from her, and from my situation, to help another friend who is going through the same thing. I just found out about this recently. I have been asking God why I am going through this? There must be a reason, what is it? Maybe it is to help other people. I would like to think that’s what it is anyway. It may be something else, that will be revealed to me later on or I may never know. But it all seems more than a coincedence. I want to believe it is God at work and that all things are connected for a reason, and happen for the good of those who love God.


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