“Pray It Forward”

We’ve all heard of “paying it forward”, doing something kind for someone in return for something kind that was done for you. But have you ever thought of PRAYING IT FORWARD? God gave me those words this morning.
I like looking at other blogs, as I’m sure most people do, for inspiration and insight into things I may not see otherwise. I commented on someone’s blog and told her that it was very inspiring for me as my own faith had been tested recently. She immediately wrote back and said “I’ll pray for you! If you want me to pray for something specific, let me know and I will.” What a kind gesture. A total stranger wanting to pray for me! I told her vaguely what was going on. She replied with prayer. She even went so far as to talk to a friend of hers with the same issues and sent me verses that her friend relies on.
So a few days later, a post on Facebook caught my eye. The post was by a Christian-based organization and they were asking for prayer requests. As I scanned through them, there was someone asking for prayer for the very same problem I have been having. I immediately “friended” her so I could message her. I wanted her to know she was not alone and that prayer was her best weapon. She wrote back to thank me and said it made her day.
We live in a world where social media, gadgets and sometimes TMI (too much information) abound. But what if we took those things and used them to praise God, to help someone or spread the word about prayer and hope and faith? I encourage everyone to PRAY IT FORWARD when you get the chance. If you feel the need to do it, that’s God encouraging you to help someone. It may help that person and I promise it will help you as well.


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