“A Better You”

I decided yesterday to paint some rocks.  I saw the idea of painting these little black rocks in a picture online and since I had the rocks already I decided to paint them with words, like PRAY, FAITH, HOPE, etc. and put them in a bowl on my table where I sit and have my quiet time with God. So I started rummaging through a drawer for a paint brush. I opened a drawer that hadn’t been opened in probably a year or more because it was so cluttered it was jammed shut. I was determined to see if there was a paint brush in there so I yanked and pulled until I got it open. Naturally, no paint brush after all that effort but my determination to get that drawer open led to what God had in mind. A little booklet fell out that I had bought when I was going through my divorce….”30 Thoughts for Victorious Living” by Joel Osteen. (I just love him). Anyway, I read through it looking for what God wanted me to see. I was encouraged by what I read but didn’t feel like I was getting that “vibe” so to speak that God was ushering me towards. Then I thought about Joel’s book on my bookshelf…”Become a Better You”. I hadn’t read it in years either. I picked it up and read for over an hour. Everything God wanted to “feed” me was in those words. So here are my inspired quotes, words, etc for today from Joel’s book:

  • With God, you are victor, not a victim.
  • With God, problems don’t come to stay, they come to pass.
  • With God, I am healthy, blessed, competent. I am creative, talented and able to fulfill my destiny.
  • You cannot worry and trust God at the same time; replace worry with thoughts of hope and victory and you will retrain your mind.
  • You believe what you say about yourself more than you believe what anybody else says.

That last one is a biggie. How true. And I am so guilty of this one. I pray today for a more positive attitude in all that I do. I know I am blessed. As the saying goes, count your rainbows, not your storms!

P.S. The rocks never got painted…but don’t they look cute in the seashell? : )


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