“God’s Amazing Grace”

In 2009, my daughter and I attended a concert featuring the bluegrass band, Dailey and Vincent. Among their many great songs, there is one that they do at every show called, I Believe. When the song was over, Callie asked if she could have a pen and a piece of paper. She sat there with the pen moving as fast in her little hand as it could go and then she handed me the paper. She had written the words that are framed in the picture above. I have a spot on my bedroom wall that has the word INSPIRE spelled out in wooden letters and I have things hanging there that have inspired me over the years. Her words have been hanging there since she wrote them.

In case you can’t read the words in the picture, here is what that song inspired her to write:

Amazing Grace

“God is always watching over us and Heaven is a good place and you should be thankful we have God to be watching over us and keeping us safe and when we are sad he will make us happy and when we don’t have no one to talk to we have god to talk to and always go to CHURCH!”

I read those words a lot and I am always inspired by how God spoke to her during that song. She was only 8 years old yet she was paying enough attention to the words to understand exactly what the song was about.

Here is a link to a video of the song. Please listen to it. Hopefully it will inspire you today as well.



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