“Good Morning, God”

I realized today that prayer is a lot like exercise. Working out every day is physical exercise, while prayer is exercise for the spiritual part of yourself. I have always prayed to God. I would typically pray at night before bed, then I got too lazy to do that, so I would pray during the day when I felt like I needed to. Usually for something specific occurring at that moment. I was never a faithful “pray-er”. But a few weeks ago I started getting up early every day and sitting down for some quiet time with God before I start my morning.

Like a new workout routine, it was hard at first. It meant getting up a few minutes earlier and I was tired. But I kept on. I also didn’t see any significant results right away (just like exercise). But slowly, I could feel God’s presence more in my daily routine. I notice the little things, blessings, that were probably there all along but by inviting God into my heart on a daily basis it has made me see them more abundantly. As you would shed pounds with excercise, I shed some of the anxiety and stress with each prayer.

Now I look forward to saying “Good Morning” to God each day.  When you see the results (just like exercise) then you look forward to keeping that positive energy in your life.

I started back with some physical exercise too. That’s still a good thing to do along with prayer. It means you’re feeding your entire body, mind, soul and spirit. Start “exercising your prayer” today and see where it takes you.

*The photo above was taken in Edisto, SC. It was a small prayer chapel on the grounds of a 300 year old Presbyterian Church. I visited it last summer while we were on Edisto. The church and grounds had such an amazing presence of God. I will never forget how I felt when I was there.


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