“There’s Always A Light”

I was glad when they said unto me. Let us go into the house of the LORD” – Psalm 122:1

I have recently become fascinated with old, abandoned churches. I have always loved old buildings in general. Just imagining what they once were and how many people crossed through the doorways and what things may have occurred there.

Old churches though, fascinate me on a new level. I look for them now wherever I go. The one above was somewhere in North Carolina or maybe Virginia, I’m not sure. Greg and I had been on a trip and I spotted it from the road, through some trees. I screamed at him to stop and turn around so I could take a picture. He is accustomed to this. God Bless him. You have no idea how many times he has turned around for me to get that perfect shot. Thankfully, he does it without complaint!

I like to think about the hymns that may have been sung in that church, the weddings held there and probably funerals. The hands that built it and the people who bowed on their knees in worship. It may be vacant but I like to think that God’s presence can still be felt there. How could it not? He was undoubtedly there when a congregation gathered to praise Him and if someone were to walk in there, through the broken door and damaged walls, to pray, He would still be there.

Kind of like ourselves. We may not look or feel so great on the outside or inside but God will still always be there within us if we ask Him to be. We may have been vacant from God but that doesn’t mean He’s not there. Even if you haven’t prayed in a while (just like the old church that hasn’t been used for worship in a while), you can still call on God and He will be there.

I always think of these words to a song I heard:

There’s always a light in the church

No matter how much you’ve been hurt

What’s promised will be, look up and you’ll see

There’s always a light in the church

Just the same, there is always a light within ourselves if we choose to let God shine in and through us. Don’t let yourself be “vacant” or “abandoned” from God.


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