Pray. Eat. Exercise. Love

Eat, Pray, Love is one of my favorite books. It is so refreshing and there is so much wisdom in the words. One of my favorite quotes from the book is this:

“God long ago drew a circle in the sand exactly around the spot where you are standing right now. I was never not coming here. This was never not going to happen.”

I used to think about this in the sense that God brings you to happiness. That when everything you desire comes to you. But now I look at it and think, okay, there have been moments God planned where I would rather not be. This circle in the sand is not a happy, peaceful moment. Yet He planned it so what do I do with it?

I go on. I look for joy every day and take comfort in it.

As I do, it means that I am walking faithfully, knowing that God is in control and I must still continue on without fear. Yesterday, LIFE WAS GOOD. I haven’t been able to say that with a full and grateful heart in a while. I woke up this morning and wondered why I felt so good. Then I recalled the day before and and as I sat down for prayer this morning, I thanked God for all that He allowed me to do yesterday.

PRAY: A time at church to pray among others who seek Him as I do and for leaving with a joy for Him in my heart.

EAT: The nourishment He gave me as I ate with my family and enjoyed my Mom’s Sunday dinner, along with a beautiful day that allowed us to eat outside.

EXERCISE: The strength He gave me to hike two miles to the Cascades with Greg. Yes, I have done this before and it’s not that hard but stress and depresssion can take a toll mentally as well as physically. I asked Him for strength and He provided. As Greg said, the sweat is weakness leaving your body.

LOVE: A time at home in the evening with the ones I love. A visit with my Granny and doing something as simple as tossing a football around with Callie and Greg. Feeling and showing love. Being surrounded by it.

“You were given life; it is your duty (and also your entitlement as a human being) to find something beautiful within life, no matter how slight.”

~ Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love


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