“While I’m Waiting”

Wait for the Lord; Be strong, and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the Lord ~ Psalms 27:14

Last week, Greg and I watched Fireproof. If you haven’t heard of it or watched it, I highly recommend it. I saw it a few years ago but I had forgotten how deeply it touched me. In the middle of the movie there is a song called “While I’m Waiting”. I liked the song and thought about looking it up and putting it on my iPod. But it left my mind and I didn’t think about it again until today when it came on Pandora.

The words hit me hard this morning and lifted me up. It’s so beautifully written and it says a lot about how I have felt lately. I did some research on the singer/songwriter and found that he had battled depression for seven long years before he was set free from it by having faith in God’s word. He wrote the song, I believe, during that time or shortly after. It speaks volumes about how important it is to wait things out until God gets His work done and brings you through. All the while, continuing to praise and worship him. I can feel His work in me daily. Each day seems a little bit easier and He is changing me. It can be scary at times but I know that there is “purpose in the pain” that we all go through. Whether it be a loss, a broken relationship, sickness, self-worth struggles, marriage or job issues, there is a reason. It’s not always easy to see when you are in the valley but if you can hold on, the view is much better when God leads you out.

On the flip side, the waiting can also be for something you are hoping for…meeting that special person, your dream job or anything that your heart desires. Those things will also come in God’s time if you ask. He puts dreams in your heart for a reason as well. He’s just waiting on you to ask Him for help in achieving it.

Here is a link to the song, featuring scenes from Fireproof. I get chills every time I watch it and hear the words (I only started watching it today but have added quite a few hits to it on YouTube!) God lifted me up again today through music and putting it where I needed it so that I could once again see how amazingly He works.

I hope you will take time to watch the video and check out some of John Waller’s music. It’s very inspiring.



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