“Mom’s the Word”

My daughter, my Mom, myself and my Granny (I’m so blessed!)

Mother’s Day – a time to show Mom how special she is. God entrusted women with the role of Mother because he knew it would require patience, kindness, understanding, multi-tasking, selflessness, little sleep, and a lot of wisdom.

Today I salute all Moms:

  • The Mom who works forty hours a week outside the home and the other one hundred twenty eight for her family. Hopefully with eight hours of sleep each night (if she’s lucky).
  • The Mom who stays at home with her children, teaches them and devotes her entire day (and evening) to them.
  • The Mom who takes children who are not her own, into her life and loves them as if she carried them herself for nine months.
  • The Mom who may not have her children at the moment because she isn’t able to take care of them, but is fighting hard to change herself so that she can.
  • The Mom who cared enough to give her child to a family who was capable of giving him or her a loving home because she is too young and not capable.
  • The Mom who may not yet be a Mom but is patiently waiting for God to bring the tiniest of blessings into her life.
  • The Mom who has faced the difficulty of seeing her child returned to God’s loving care way too soon.
  • The single Mom, giving her all for her child, doing without her own needs, so that her child wants for nothing.
  • The Mom who sends her son or daughter off to fight a war that he or she may not return from.
  • The Mom who goes to fight that war, leaving her children behind, praying she will get back safely to see them grow.
  • The Mom who is now a grandmother or great-grandmother but still worries and prays for her child, no matter what their age.
  • The Mom who gives 110% every day to a child with special needs and didn’t give up on him or her just because God made them special and,
  • The Mom who prays with her child every night and teaches him or her the love of Jesus.

Happy Mother’s Day to you all!


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