“My Book”

God has written every page of your life in His book ~ Psalm 139:16

I was thinking about this verse last week. Then a couple of nights ago, Greg and I were talking to Callie about how she doesn’t need to try to mold herself into someone she’s not just to fit in with girls in her class. We told her that God made her special for a reason and there is no one else like her. (Of course, she argued with us that there must be a freckle-faced eleven year old named Callie who loves riding horses and has the same haircut that she does somewhere in this world….ah the tween years!) Anyway, we tried. I explained to her that her purpose and life were already planned out by God and that He had a book written just about her. She was surprised to hear that God had a whole book all about her. She seemed to think He didn’t consider her special enough. I tried to get my point across, as best I could , that she was indeed very special. I think it may have sunk in, just a little. At least I hope.

It is hard to imagine, even for adults at times, that God has already laid out the blueprint of our lives and it is unfolding daily. The story in my book may not always go as I have planned but I have to trust in the Author. There are chapters I would love to rip out and just forget that they existed. The ones that had pain and frustration written all over them. In those times I have to wonder why God wrote those into my book. But when I look back, as I turned each page, and the days passed, better things came along to ease the pain. A new chapter began.

There are pages I wish I could go back to and copy and paste into new pages. I had a couple of those over the weekend. Lazy, relaxing, fun days filled with love. Those moments are the ones I cherish and bookmark in my life. I “dog-ear” those pages so that I don’t forget how I felt and can turn back to them whenever I need to be reminded of the beauty that God scripted for that day.

Then there are the chapters that I wish Icould do over because of the mistakes I made. Those pages are where I took a bright red pen and crossed through God’s plan and obedience and penciled in how I thought the story should go. What a disaster those pages are. I regret them but they taught me a lesson. The best news is that all I have to do is ask and God will delete those messy pages, wipe them clean and I am forgiven.

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful ~ Psalm 139:13-14 


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