“Just Imagine”

I never watch the news anymore. There’s just too much being reported that will depress even the most “glass-half-full” kind of person. I turn on the computer and try to avoid the headlines on my home page but sometimes they get my attention and then I regret reading them.
Obviously the media doesn’t want to report the better side of the news because sadly people seem to be hungry for the most outrageous, disheartening, sad, crazy story that the news reporter can come up with. What does this say for our world? We wonder why people create insane situations and commit the most heinous of crimes. But when this is all we are fed, how could it be otherwise?
It’s heartbreaking to think that there are still places where hope can be found and random acts of kindness are being done but it never gets brought to light.
Imagine how different our world would be if:
·         We turned on the news and all we heard was something positive and uplifting
·         God was still an acceptable word to say in schools, on television and in newspapers
·         Drugs, alcohol and money didn’t control people, but God’s word did.
·         People still had respect for human life and innocent children
·         War wasn’t an option
·         Churches pews were full and overflowing on Sunday mornings
·         Everyone knew what love meant – to give it and receive it
·         God was the first choice, not the last resort
I’m not being totally naïve. I realize a lot of these issues have been around for a while but it seems our world is in such a state of disarray. It makes you want to crawl in bed and pull the blankets over your head and never peek out.
So how do we find hope and joy in these saddest of times? The answer is always: God. His word is still available to read. He is still available when we pray. He is still working in and through people. It just doesn’t always get brought to our attention. The goodness of the world is overshadowed by sin, at least in the majority of the media. But if you look around, there is still proof of God’s work being done. Focus on these when you see them. Spread the word.
So with that, I encourage you to take time to do one act of random kindness a week. Two or ten, even! You never know when that moment may make a difference in someone’s life. It may not change the world but it may change one person, two or ten. We have to start somewhere.
“It’s better to light a candle, than curse the darkness”

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