“Go The Distance”

Joshua 1:9

Every day when I wake up, I have to decide how I will face my “opponent” (that evil anxiety).  Most days are easy. I wake up and it’s a KO, a total knockout. I come out with fists swinging , throwing  jabs and conquer the day. Those days are simple and make me feel like a champion.

Other days however, aren’t so effortless. There are times I have to go a couple rounds before I even get out of bed. Those days don’t happen that often but when they do, it definitely can make me feel like I am down for the count.  My opponent sneaks in with a sucker punch, a left hook and has me on the ropes. He fights dirty.

But there is someone on the side cheering me on. Telling me how to defend myself, to cover my face from those punches and do some fancy footwork to dodge my opponent.  He tells me to keep going, to get up and go another round. He gives me strength and promises that I will walk out of that fight with my head held high if I will just believe in Him and listen to what He has to say. He wipes the sweat from my brow and gives me the essentials needed to be victorious. Saved by the bell, by the Saviour.

No matter what opponent you are facing, don’t ever give up. God is always there to “coach” you, to be your “trainer”, your biggest fan. Strengthen yourself in His word, in hope and in faith. As the great Rocky Balboa said “I ain’t heard no bell yet!” : )


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