“Changing the 66%”

There’s this kid. (young man I should say). He’s pretty cool. He likes to goof off and hang out with friends and do the stuff that fourteen year olds do. However, he’s not your average teenager. Statistics show he represents only a third of teenagers in a particular group. This group I’m speaking of is those who believe in God. That means roughly 66% of our teens do not believe God is real, do not pray, do not go to church and do not read the bible. 66%. That’s quite a number.

This young man, Drew, is trying to change that. He wants to make a difference in that percentage. God has laid it on his heart to reach out to those who may not know the written word and he has accepted the challenge and rose to the occasion. I admire him. He is doing something that has and most likely will continue to bring him ridicule and negativity. Does it bother him? I’m sure at times it may. Does it stop him? Absolutely not. No doubt he knows his goal and his reason for doing it and that is a greater reward than any words could ever change.

Drew started a prayer group on Facebook. This was huge for someone his age. His mother shared the story of his group in church and the following day, I joined. As I read through it, I was touched by all that he was doing. It was inspiring to see the praise and encouragement he was giving to his fellow teens (and adults too). As I continued reading though, I was shocked (sort of…honestly a lot of it didn’t surprise me) at the negativity aimed at Drew. There, on his prayer group page, was part of the 66% representing themselves in the cruelest of ways. Foul language and jokes about his faith and beliefs. Being the person he is Drew replied with prayer and scripture suggestions. I can only hope that somehow his words were heard.

His mother also recounted how he called her one day last week from the pool. He wasn’t asking for extra money or a ride home. He wanted her to come to the pool and bring….bibles. Yes, bibles. She admitted she was shocked. When she arrived (stack of bibles in tow), he called his friends over to a table under an umbrella in the corner and right there, at the pool, Drew led an impromptu bible study. He only had five bibles. There weren’t enough to go around so he helped the others download a bible app on their phones. That’s pretty awesome. His mother admits she was still in shock at what was happening, but no doubt was proud. Teenagers (and a couple moms I think) soaking wet, covered in towels sitting there reading the bible and learning a scripture lesson from a fourteen year old.

Could I have done this? Probably not. I’m not sure I would have had the courage. Most of us are afraid of what people will think. Shame on us. We could learn a lot from Drew. He is a true man of God. A warrior for God. Keep it up, Drew. You’re gonna change the world!


2 thoughts on ““Changing the 66%”

  1. Thank you for writing such a wonderful description of Drew and his courage to lead others to the Lord through the sharing and understanding of His Word! We love Drew, and his awesome family, especially his mom!

    • Thank you for the comment. It was my pleasure to share his story with everyone. And yes, his mom is awesome. I think anyone who knows her, loves her. She’s obviously part of the reason Drew (and Alex) are the fine young men that they are.

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