“Thank you, Granny”


“While we are shaking our heads in disbelief, they are lifting hands in worship. While we are mourning at a grave, they are marveling at heaven. While we are questioning God, they are praising God.”

A little over a year ago I had a dream about my sweet Granny. I dreamed she was sitting by the road near her house in a lawn chair. I stopped as I drove by to see how she was feeling. I got out and she asked me to come give her a hug. I leaned in and wrapped my arms around her and her body wasn’t frail and weak, it was healthy and strong and there was a warm glow around her. She said “I love you to death”. I said “I love you too”. She whispered in my ear and said “I’m afraid to let go”. I said “It’s okay. You know who is waiting on the other side”. As I still had my arms around her I opened my eyes and looked behind her and there was the most beautiful field of golden wheat glowing in the distance. The sun was shining and it was the most perfect scene.

I was afraid when I woke that morning that I would find out my Granny had passed away. But she hadn’t. She stayed with us for fourteen more months. Today I know that the scene in my dream was her reality when her soul went to be with the Lord.

This has been a comforting thought at times today. Then there are the times when I reminisce about the million and one memories of her and the tears begin to fall. These memories are simple ones from a simple life, but they warm my heart. I wrote once about the many things I had witnessed my Granny’s hands doing over the years. I want to share that again today because this is who she was and what her life was about.

My Granny’s hands kneaded dough for many a biscuit. They stirred the batter for yellow cakes with chocolate icing and twisted the lid on to thousands of mason jars. They held newborn children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, snapped a million green beans and a smacked a few bottoms. They pulled strings through quilts and tied them off and pulled clothes through a wringer washer. They squeezed clothespins to hang sheets on the line and steadied her for a climb up the stairs. They pushed a broom, a mop and a paper towel across a dirty window. They laid out countless plates on the table to feed a family and washed those plates afterwards. But most importantly they turned the pages of the bible and laid palm to palm to our Lord in prayer.

Today I watched as family members held those hands after she had taken her final breath. I imagined that those hands were reaching out for my Grandpa as he met her to take her to heaven and I know that those hands have been raised to our Lord in praise more than once today.

In these times I must remember how fortunate I am to have known someone so special that makes saying goodbye so hard. The memories we are left with are comforting and painful at the same time but oh how lucky we are to have memories at all.

Thank you Granny, for all that you did for me and for Callie during your time here with us. Thank you for the countless things you taught me, for the endless ways you showed that you loved me and cared for me and for being the kind of grandma that everyone should have.Thank you for being a woman of God and for all the prayers that you sent up on my behalf and for our entire family. Thank you for showing me how to have faith and to trust in God. I learned more from you than you will ever know. I love you, Granny!