“Faith in the Rain”


The big day finally happened. I married my love a week and two days ago. After a wonderful honeymoon, we are settling back into our jobs and reality. So I have had a few minutes to actually sit down and write. I felt the need to share something amazing that happened on our wedding day….

It rained! (You’re thinking…this is the amazing part?) Stay with me…

No, the amazing part was that it rained and rained and rained…then it stopped, a little over an hour before I walked down the aisle.

I knew the risks of planning an outdoor wedding. But I also knew that there was no other place for us to be married than the beautiful lake where we went on our first date and that meant so much to us. So as soon as the ten day forecast became available, I started obsessing over the weather. They were calling for rain, but I knew that it could change many times over before our day came. So I tried to stay calm. Unfortunately by the Thursday before, it was looking absolutely ominous. That’s when my bad attitude set in. I was pouting and upset and feeling heartbroken that I may have to move the ceremony indoors. Yet all along, I could hear God saying “just trust Me”. I wanted to, but the weatherman’s assurance of a weekend “soaker” were too hard to ignore. We decided to try to rent a tent (which would make the whole setting look horrible, in my opinion) but we ran into snags with that and couldn’t make it happen. After a depressing Thursday, I finally texted a good friend from church and asked her to please pray for my attitude and to help me trust what God was trying to tell me (even though I still wasn’t convinced that our outdoor wedding was going to take place).

But…as the evening went on, I felt a little better. I went out and purchased several clear umbrellas for my bridesmaids and our moms and decided rain or no rain, I was having an outdoor ceremony and if no one but us showed up, then so be it!

On Friday morning the rain started earlier than forecasted and as we spent the day decorating the reception hall, it beat down on the roof. All. Day. Long. But I remained calm. So calm it was kind of scary! My faith had been restored after much prayer on my part and others who were sending up requests for us. I was trusting God. I had to.

We had our rehearsal in the rain (with our cute clear umbrellas) and our rehearsal dinner outside under a shelter. It was cool and rainy but we laughed and had fun anyway. Callie and I checked into our hotel for the night to be close to our venue the next day and the rain continued. The next morning showed no sign of relief. I took her to the indoor pool that morning and I sat and watched the monsoon continue. But I remained calm…and trusting.

When we headed back to our room to start getting ready, I closed the curtains. I didn’t want to see the rain. I wanted to envision the rain stopping and walking down the aisle without an umbrella. I knew it would happen. I just knew it. People called and texted to see if we were still on for the lake ceremony. They must have thought we were crazy when I said yep!


About an hour and a half before the ceremony, as Greg and his friends were setting up chairs, he texted me and said “it’s stopped raining…keep praying what you’re praying!”

A few minutes before 4 o’clock, I stepped out of the car at the ceremony to an overcast sky but it wasn’t raining. I just looked up and said “Thank you God!” I knew we were going to be okay. We were able to get through the ceremony and pictures afterward with no rain. Everyone was talking about how amazing it was that it stopped raining. No one could believe it. But I could.

Yes, it would have been nice to have had a sunny day, but I wouldn’t change a thing because when I tell people the story of our wedding day, I can say it was a true testimony to what faith and prayer can do and I wouldn’t have had it any other way!