“Ten O’Clock”

I’ve written here before about my Granny and of her passing in May of this year. I’ve mentioned that in the worst of my anxiety-ridden days, she would constantly check in on me with a call. She would always say “I’ll be praying for you at ten o’clock in the morning, so if you feel better then, you’ll know why”. I know that those prayers are the a big part of how I got through those times.

These days I miss her so much. I miss her prayers. I often wonder if she still prays for me from heaven. I wonder if it is her spirit that calms me when my racing mind wants to take over again from time to time.

                    This morning I was reading some quotes and came across this one:            Grandma's prayers

I happened to glance up at the clock….ten o’clock.

Thank you Granny for still looking out for me.


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