A Good Quality of Life

A great post from Bill at Unshakeable Hope. I needed this today. Maybe someone else does too…that’s why I’m sharing it.

Unshakable Hope

I’ve been thinking a lot about quality of life issues lately. More specifically, I’ve been trying to figure out why some people that (in the natural) possess virtually everything we think would make for a good quality of life, yet they’re miserable. Conversely, many others have almost none of the ingredients that we think must be in the mix for a good quality of life, but they seem perfectly content.

I think about this issue more and more as life with ALS becomes an even greater challenge. If ALS takes its natural course, the victim will die of respiratory failure. The muscles needed to breathe become weaker and weaker to the point where you just can’t breathe anymore. Oftentimes the flu or pneumonia are just too much for those with advanced ALS and can speed up this respiratory failure.

I had a severe case of the flu in February, and…

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“Granny’s Bible”


In my hands I hold a bible, the pages thin and worn.

They once lay in the fragile hands of a woman I adore.

This bible was my Granny’s, her peace and truth and hope.

Promises to comfort her and words to help her cope.

Dates beside the verses for each time she turned the page,

Reminding her what she had read and needed on that day.

Tucked inside the pages, little notes that she had penned,

And clippings from the newspaper of family and friends.

The Psalms were where she seemed to spend a great deal of her time.

Almost every verse is marked, and more than once, I’ll often find.

These poems must have often been a solace in her life,

Whether praising God in joyful times or moments of great strife.

As I turn the pages carefully, I feel her next to me.

And remember how she read this book oh so faithfully.

Assured that in the life she led, she’d find no words were greater

Than the ones revealed in black and red, the truth from our Creator.