“Have You Met Grace?”


I haven’t been here in a while. Maybe you have noticed, maybe you haven’t but I’m back and hopefully the span between blogs won’t stretch out so far again.

I had a moment yesterday and it was in an odd way for an odd reason. We went to Tennessee for the weekend and while we were in a little shopping area, I noticed a new restaurant that had just been opened by Paula Deen. I’m sure everyone recalls the major controversy that involved this southern lady a couple of years ago. She was said to have used racial slurs many years ago. (Personally, I felt that what she said 40 years ago should have been left there, but that’s just my opinion.) Once this information was out, she lost her show on the Food Network along with many endorsements and publishing deals.  As I looked up at the gigantic photo of her and her sons on the side of the restaurant, I thought about how that controversy played out and I felt such strong compassion for her and I clearly heard these words: ”Everyone deserves grace”.

Don’t they??

Grace is giving others what they don’t deserve. God offers us grace every single day. Do I deserve it? Absolutely not! But how grateful am I that God provided a way for us to receive his magnificent grace by sending someone to suffer on our behalf. To ensure that we can live eternally and not endure punishment.

Because of that, shouldn’t we offer the same to others?

  • Offer grace to the rude cashier at the store. Maybe she’s having a horrible day.
  • Express grace with a smile to everyone you come in contact with.
  • Demonstrate grace by saying a heartfelt thank you to someone who provided you with something simple.
  • Offer grace my saying you are sorry when you are wrong. Go ahead and swallow your pride.
  • Show grace by using words carefully, lifting up not tearing down. Speak positively.
  • Grant grace to someone who has wronged you. I know this one is hard, especially if you feel justifiably wronged. Spend some time praying about the situation, asking God to change your heart.

Living in a way in which you show grace often can change your life and how you grow with God. It also frees you from negativity and will give you peace within your heart and mind. As you go through your week, keep the word GRACE in your mind. Carry the thought with you in every situation.

Amazing grace…how sweet the sound.


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