He Prepared Me

God never asks anything of us that He doesn’t first equip us to do.
Read that again….

God never asks anything of us that He doesn’t first equip us to do.

When I read this today it jumped out at me as if it were in bold type, italicized and underlined. I can’t say that God gave me anxiety but I do think He tests us in order to refine us into someone more like Him. 

That being said, I found a sense of braveness in this quote. He knew that this was coming. He knew what my struggles would be.


He prepared me.

He literally prepared me for this. How do I know? Because I am typing this right now. Because I have been winning this battle for the past five years, even on days when it doesn’t feel like it. Because I got up and went to work today. Because I am not sitting at home scared and worried and afraid to face the day. I can say anxiety has fought me but God equipped me to fight back. He gave me tools. He gave me a patient family, a wonderful church, friends, books, prayers, love, kindness of strangers, music…and strength, hope and a desire to press on.

Wherever you are…you are equipped. You are prepared. I guarantee that you wouldn’t be in this battle, this decision, this season of life, whatever it may be, if you weren’t. Look around you and use what God has given you to persevere. Don’t raise that white flag to the enemy that seeks to destroy you.

God has your back. 



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