“What Moms Do Best”

In just a few days, my daughter will be celebrating her 12th birthday. Time passes so quickly and in another twelve months, I will be the mother of a teenager. As she heads into this new territory, I began thinking about how much she will have to face in the years ahead.  And with it being Mother’s Day weekend, I decided to put those thoughts into a prayer, cause that’s what we Moms do best. We pray for our children…without ceasing.


First and foremost, keep her safe, Lord. Put a hedge of protection around her always and keep her safe from harm.

I pray that she turns to you when she cannot make a decision on her own. When friends are pushing her to do the wrong thing, I pray she remembers to ask You first …what would be most pleasing to You?

Remain near to her always so that her faith grows stronger. Give her the ability to share with people how amazing You are.

Guide her in her thoughts and actions. If she sees a classmate who is struggling, left out or alone, give her the courage to be that one friend that reaches out to a lost soul.

Lead her to her passion. Show her the gifts you have instilled in her and help her to find a way to use them to her fullest potential.

Let compassion continue to dwell in her heart and freckles cover her cheeks.

Let her mind remain curious about things.

Show her how to be confident but not arrogant.

Let her always be as honest with me in the years ahead as she is now.

She will have struggles. You will use these to show her how to be dependent on You. Go easy on her please. Never more than she can handle or that the two of you can’t handle together.

As she enters her teen years, steer her toward the good boys, even when she seems to want to go in the other direction. Help her discern who is right and who is wrong for her. This one will be a biggie.

And finally, grant her patience with me, as I learn to have continued patience with her. Some days she will hate me. Let those moments pass quickly and remind her that I would walk to the ends of the earth for her.



“God Knew”


Three years ago, God knew what condition my heart was in. He knew that it had been battered and bruised. He knew it had been given to the wrong person many times over and always returned in tiny little pieces. He knew not to answer my prayers…the ones that begged Him to please let them love me back.

Three years ago, God lined up the right road, the right friend, the absolute perfect timing for a phone call, the right emotions and the exact moment for me to find the one He had been saving for me. He knew I would need someone who could accept a single mom and an adorable freckle-face into his life. Someone who could care for a child who wasn’t his own.

Three years ago (and many before that, no doubt) God knew that I was going to face one of the hardest times in my life…anxiety, fear, depression. He knew that I was going to need someone with a gentle hand and a strong heart.  A heart big enough to love me the way I needed to be loved and brave enough to see past the anguish I was dealing with and still see someone he loved. Someone to hold my hand in church and pray with me as well as for me.

Three years ago, God knew that the plan He had started many years before would take shape. That every single closed door, fallen tear, disappointment and chance that never got taken was actually redirecting me down the right road. A broken road that God himself was blessing all along.

Three years ago today, I met someone I truly call my best friend. I no longer question why God let my heart break so many times. It was all a part of His grand design. Love is no longer that thing people talk about, sing about and write about that I just don’t “get”.

Three years ago, it became clear to me why love is patient and kind….why love is never boastful or conceited, rude or selfish….why it does not take offense and is not resentful…why it is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope, and to endure whatever comes…and why it never fails.

Never give up on the hope that God is planning someone just for you : )