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This blog was born out of necessity. In January 2012 I was in a place I never wish to go again. Anxiety, depression, and panic attacks made their way into my life and decided to settle there for a while. I took baby steps to even get myself close to any sense of normalcy in my life. Thus the blog. I wanted to focus on one thing every day that inspired me and photograph it. But as each day passed, it turned in to so much more. Suddenly I wanted to share how God was helping me cope with the anxiety and depression. I found a love for writing again along with my love of photography as God healed me. I hope to inspire others with my story. These days I find myself still struggling from time to time but no where near to the degree I was. Now I share what is on my heart. What God puts there. God truly is in control and he will walk through the fire with us. The proof is in my words.

God Bless,



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Broken Vases


We’re all just broken vases trying to keep flowers alive.

I read this quote a few weeks ago and I reread it several times wondering exactly what the author was trying to convey. I suppose it can be interpreted many different ways but if I put my own spin on it, I see it as a perfect quote for someone who has dealt with any type of mental health issue like myself.

We are all broken vases in some way. We have all been cracked or damaged by some type of struggle. Most of us more than once. Or twice.  And sometimes it feels like we are trying desperately, so desperately to keep those flowers alive. To keep some sense of normalcy. To keep from completely breaking down and letting those flowers die.

To me the vase is my shell, my body. The flowers are my spirit, my soul, my mind, my hope, my faith. The thing that threatens those flowers are my anxieties, my hurts, my doubts, my fears, my sadness, my exhaustion.

Some days the flowers prosper, they bud and bloom and light up a room. Some days they wilt, the leaves turn brown and some fall lifelessly to the ground.

Those are the days I need God to step in and breathe new life into those flowers. To breathe new life into ME. Into my spirt, my soul, my mind. To fill me with hope and faith.

No one expects those flowers to constantly stay beautiful. We are all going to struggle. But when you’ve come to the point where the flowers have faded and you just don’t see how you can reawaken them, simply put some new ones in there and start again.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month…..Speak it. Share it.

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