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This blog was born out of necessity. In January 2012 I was in a place I never wish to go again. Anxiety, depression, and panic attacks made their way into my life and decided to settle there for a while. I took baby steps to even get myself close to any sense of normalcy in my life. Thus the blog. I wanted to focus on one thing every day that inspired me and photograph it. But as each day passed, it turned in to so much more. Suddenly I wanted to share how God was helping me cope with the anxiety and depression. I found a love for writing again along with my love of photography as God healed me. I hope to inspire others with my story. These days I find myself still struggling from time to time but no where near to the degree I was. Now I share what is on my heart. What God puts there. God truly is in control and he will walk through the fire with us. The proof is in my words.

God Bless,



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Scars and Broken Hearts

I had to remind myself of this today.

Life is hard.

I’ve been to the edge of hell and back with debilitating anxiety and panic attacks, been abused by someone who said he loved me, given birth to a child naturally with no drugs and wear an 8 inch scar on my side, with 18 marks from the staples that held it together. I’ve been a single Mom, fought with the devil, and had my heart broken more times than a girl should.

I’ve cried a lot of tears. Felt defeated. Felt insecure. Felt worthless, broken and alone. And felt “not good enough”.

But I’ve survived all that and lived to tell about it. Sometimes stubbornly doing it alone and sometimes finally giving God control.

None of these things, or the residual effects of these things, are battles that are won and then forgotten. They are day to day struggles.

But they don’t have to control you. Let your weakness grow your strength. Let the hard times give you a lesson.

Never doubt your fierceness.

Never doubt God’s power.

And never, ever give up.

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