“Perfect Timing”

It’s been a few days since I wrote. I had several ideas but never seemed to be able to get my thoughts into something worth reading. I have a lot on my mind today so hopefully I can get it all into one nice little “package”, tie it up with a bow and call it today’s blog.

Yesterday was a big day for me. I’m not going to give a lot of details about it. (I know…why mention it then?) Well, because it was another day that I was inspired by how God continues to work in my life. There was something I needed to do, have needed to do for a while, but it had to be at the right time. I have prayed about it for quite a while. And waited. God told me yesterday was the right time. I wasn’t sure, so I doubted the nudge he was giving me. I told him that if I was going to do this, I would need His help. He didn’t fail me. My day turned completely around in a matter of a couple of hours and I knew it was His work. His helping hand. I made a huge step and I couldn’t have done it without my faith in God.

Have you ever prayed for something and when it happened, your wonder “How did God do that? How did He get all that lined up for me today?” I believe that God already has everything laid out, the plan is in motion long before you ever ask. He’s just waiting for you to come to Him in prayer so that He can release all of His blessings, His mercy and grace into your life. This brings you into a better relationship with God and allows Him to work in you and through you.

I woke up this morning and as soon as my eyes opened, I heard Psalm 116 in my head. I got up and stirred around some…Psalm 116. There it was again. So I sat down with my bible, opened it to the Psalms and read 116: 1-2 and 5-6:

I love the Lord, for he heard my voice,

He heard my cry for mercy.

Because he turned his ear to me,

I will call on him as long as I live

The Lord is gracious and righteous;

Our God is full of compassion.

The Lord protects the simplehearted;

When I was in great need, he saved me.

Those words basically summed up what I felt yesterday and I know I was meant to read this for a reason today. God is good.